Realism - the here and now
I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I combine careers in web design and fine art.

My life in art began at the age of six as a model for amateur painter Clare Brown in Daytona Beach.

y Toronto childhood – with its rounds of art galleries, concerts, museums and theatre -- kindled my artistic propensity. Classes at the Artist's Workshop and crafts at summer camp were my favourite activities.

At seventeen, a career aptitude test revealed my creativity and pointed me to art school. Subsequently, I earned a diploma from Central Technical School of Art in Toronto, attended a summer semester in Florence, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a Major in Painting and a Minor in Art History, and did post-graduate work in Computer Graphics at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.

Daily life is my principle source of inspiration. By painting figures in real or imagined settings I try to convey the narrative qualities of gesture, situation and event. To heighten context I often incorporate collaged newspaper images and text.

Alan Collier, artist and cousin..1911 - 1990
Audrey Garwood, art teacher and friend
..1927 - 2004
Virginia Luz, artist and art teacher
..1911 - 2005
Jean Weir, art history professor
..1927 - 2007
Kay Murray-Weber, artist and friend
..1919 - 2007
Richard Hayman, artist and art teacher
..1942 - 2007
Gerry Ferguson - artist and art teacher
..1937 - 2009
Riduan Tompkins - artist and art teacher..1941 - 2009
Barbara Lock, artist and friend..1953 - 2010
Nancy Kendrick Hobberlin, artist and friend
..1946 - 2013
Anne Lazare-Mirvish, artist and friend
..1920 - 2013
Tasha Patrica Miller, artist and friend 1954 - 2015

Doris McCarthy, artist and art teacher..1910 - 2010
Celebration of her 100th birthday on July 10, 2010
can be seen on YouTube.