Artist Community Project
Architectural Model
2’–0” x 1’–0” x 8”

The Artist Community Project is an artists' studio in the countryside
overlooking a lake, at 1 1/2 hour drive from the City of Montreal.

A building ensemble that partakes in a nature stroll, as one
follows the footpath from the car park area to the dock on the lake.

It consists of two (2) building complexes organized about a
Terrace Court. One (1) building complex accommodates
living quarters, while the other accommodates studio spaces.

It can be built Pre-Fab and/or In-Situ.

The ground floor is semi-public. The kitchen and dining area
is accessed via a vestibule and enjoys patio views of the
Terrace Court. The indoor-outdoor, double height studio
invites artistic activity and creative endeavour.

The upper floor is semi-private. Sleeping quarters are equipped
with desk areas that further extend out onto balcony spaces
where one can enjoy views of the Terrace Court. The washroom
space enjoys wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling glazing, resulting in
communion with nature. While the mezzanine studio also delights in
views overlooking the Terrace Court from its balcony space.

The Terrace Court is inhabited by tall, ancestral trees.
They belong to the forest. They offer presence. As their foliage
creates playful patterns of shadow and light, thereby bringing
light and joy to the artists of the Artists’ Community Project,
as well as to their guests.