Architectural   Prototype
 For  Residential  Development
      Architectural  Model
 15 1/2 "  x   8 1/4 "   x   8 1/2 "

A new architectural prototype that serves as a contribution to quality of life
via the venue of residential development.
The project of the prototype incorporates the principles of a  "Live Tradition" 
where Montreal International 21st Century mixes harmoniously
with Montreal Victorian 19th Century Vernacular.   

An excellent example incorporating new and innovative ideas where one can enjoy
mezzanines,  dynamic architectural promenades, abundance of natural light
and living with nature via gardens and roof gardens.
The prototype being developped,  an active process for the creation of a building team
is underway.   The start of construction resting with a client developper.
For more information on the architectural prototype,  please feel free to contact 
Lise  Trottier  at:
 Lise  Trottier,   Artist-Architect
Art   &   Architecture  Creative
3987  St.  Urbain
H2W   1V2
Tel:  (514)  982 - 3327