BARB LOCK..1953 – 2010
Portraits - daily passages
Born in Markham, Ontario
Resided in Halifax, Nova Scotia

A Paris street café mural, painted on the kitchen wall by all the family members, art was part of everyday life for Barb as a child. She sometimes accompanied her mother, Mary Dodge, into fields near their home in Markham, where Mary would set up her easel and paint the landscape and farm buildings.

After moving from Markham to Ottawa at the age of ten, Barb became engaged in her own artistic style, influenced by her parents’ numerous painting projects. Works by her mother and father filled the walls of their family home, even decorating the basement level.

In 1972, Barb attended the University of Guelph, studying Biology and Fine Arts and graduating with BSc Hons. After spending three summers (1976-78) in the Canadian high arctic studying birds for the Canadian Wildlife Service, she began her professional career as an artist by painting landscapes of the north and doing pen and ink sketches of the wildlife. A few years later, after moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Barb travelled the coast of Labrador from Goose Bay to Port Burwell, again with the Canadian Wildlife Service, producing a volume of sketches of her adventuresome travels. She was now ready to begin exhibiting her paintings, holding her first show at the Mazareen Gallery in Ottawa, Ontario in 1983.

In 1982, Barb married seabird biologist, Tony Lock and started her own company doing scientific illustration for the Bedford Institute of Oceanography and Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

In 1992, now a mother of three, Barb noticed that art instruction in the public school system was gradually being cut back. She volunteered to teach art once a week for three years using the book, 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,' as her guide. Later, she gave private art lessons to children in her home.

Continuing to combine family life and painting in Halifax, Barb participated in a joint exhibition with her mother and father, Mary and Art Dodge, at the Chelsea Gallery, Old Chelsea, Quebec, in 1994.

Using oil, watercolour and coloured pencils, her paintings explore the daily passages of home life and familiar surroundings. Her still life paintings reflect the meditative nature of painting and the joy of quiet moments at home. Around 2006, Barb’s landscapes were replaced by portraiture, adding another dimension to her artistic development. These moving and striking paintings of friends and family are contemporary visual diaries that reveal Barb’s fine-tuned sensibility and technical excellence.
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