Crossroads, 2003
Installation for re-location exhibition

oil on canvas
5' x 4'

Project Description for re-location exhibition

Title: Technological Intrusion in a Contemplative Space

Re:location: Psychological


A fax machine sits on a black stand, 48” x 18”, in a darkly lit space with a harsh narrow spotlight shining directly over the fax machine. Six feet away, hanging on the wall, is a painting *bathed in a warm, inviting light. The contrast is obvious between the menacing, noisy technology and the contemplative mood of the painting and its setting.

The fax machine represents the intrusion of a technological device I have experienced in my work and tolerated out of economical necessity. Accompanying the fax machine’s inescapable urgency is the delivery of an unattractive reprint, ushered in by a disgusting sound. Aesthetically displeasing, sometimes unreadable, these paper and ink cartridge guzzlers have never been welcome in my environment.

The painting represents the artistic, creative side of my life where I am free to explore a meditative space, compatible with my nature.

The viewer will be drawn to purchasing the painting but they will have to use the fax machine to receive details of how to purchase it. The viewer will now have to contend with the dark, noisy and menacing fax machine that will deliver a black and white copy of the painting, while they contemplate the purchase of the painting in the inviting exhibition setting. The viewer should experience a psychological frisson between these opposing solitudes.
Re-location Exhibition
August 19 – September 5, 2003